I have had a nightmare of a day, I was supposed to being doing a feature with my mate John Pearson up on the Derbyshire Wye.Checking the river levels this morning it had only risen an inch, great I'll drive up then.
The window wipers were on full pelt all the way up to Mansfield, and hour and half's worth!
We meet up with good old Dave Percival, a nicer chap would be harder to find, and he has access to some out of this world fishing.
 Anywhy, after breakfast we get a phone call from the river keeper, "forget it, it's high and it's very coloured" Brilliant!
So it's postponed. BUT, I had a wee look at John's Tenkara patterns, a Japanese thing it is, a fly tied with a reverse hackle. The Japanese call this style "Sakasa kebari".
reverse hackle thing, and indeed Tenkara was pretty much unheard of until 2009, now lots of anglers are talking about it.
 You use long rods for dibbling flies in pocket water. The flies though can be tailored to what you want and John had tied some wet flies this way for use on the river. Sadly we never used them.
I came home and set about tying some, see what you think, I like them and I can see them catching fish, they need to be fished dead drift with the occasional tweak to make the hackle pulse.

Black And Red

Partridge N Orange

Red Tag

Purple Bloa

They are very nice flies to tie and the world's your oyster for variants, try them.