Well it is soon going to be coming to and end, perhaps one more weekend? I'm talking about the Booby season at Farmoor II in Oxfordshire.
I like to start fishing on this place around the beginning of November, this is when you can expect to contact some real grown-on beauties, albeit a little higher in the water than is normal. Sadly, this year, last year, 2011/2012 there's not been any of these fish.
I think one good one came out about 8lb and I have had one decent brownie and my mate Gareth Jones had a cracker around 7lb but as for rainbows, forget it.
Goodness know what is going on, I'm told it is something to do with the water treatment process somewhere along the lines, but who knows, the fish just haven't fed properly and as a result the big fish haven't put in an appearance. However, the numbers, wow! The fishing over the last few weeks has been nothing short of staggering!

A 'proper' fish, a small one.

The best bet was to fish the Boobies well apart 10ft apart, one at 10ft from the line and so on. Most of the trout  were to be caught at the Souths Side of the venue with some coming from the east, the causeway which is normally amazing never really fished.
During this fishing I had one stand out pattern, silly given the amount of fish I was catching but one did shine through here it is…

 I call it …Dave!