It’s All In The Name..

What is it with the rehashing of fly pattern  names?

Yup, I get the fact you want to take the credit for inventing a new, ultra-successful fly pattern that’s annihilating all the trout in your local stillwater but please, have a little restraint.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally guilty, I’ve done it in the past, one of my most successful flies on the river is what I call my or (Steve’s) Bug. In fact it’s something I copied from my mate Tam Mcleish, BUT, I never had the same dubbing as he’d used on his, I had olive seal’s fur he’d used fox squirrel! His was called Tam’s Bug, see where this is going?

Of course it wasn’t Tam’s Bug, it was a Fox Squirrel Nymph tied on a grub hook!

I still catch myself doing it now, I really must stop!

When I used to do fly patterns for the magazine, I came up with all manner of weird and wonderful fly names, I had to name them as my boss made me, but each one was merely variations on specific themes.

We all love a tinker, and we all love to name something, get our moniker on it, we like to take credit. Perhaps a better bet is to name it, whatever you wish, and then mention the fact that it’s a version of something else, your own tying of something you saw out on the bank or indeed on  the interweb. It’s still got a name and you’ve done the decent thing and gave credit where it’s due?

A great example is the Troutmaster Tying Challenge, is that what’s t’s called?… just check out the names of some the flies that grace those pages, Dave’s Dark Destroyer, Derek’s Damsel, Peter’s Peter Ross and of course, Mrs. Simpson’s Mrs. Simpson!

But the real reason  for the Blog is just to highlight the shameless naming  of flies which have been in existence for decades, one of my good pals and by the way he’s an exceptionally neat fly tyer, but sadly he snores like a drain, so he does have a down side, posted some (Fluff Cats) last week, this is what started this train of thought.

Now, I get the fact that they have been tied with a dubbing loop of rabbit fur, and that they now have this sexy name, a name that wouldn’t look out of place in the (toy) section of an Ann Summers catalogue, Fluff Cat, jeez!

However, to anglers that are my age this fly is no more than a palmered rabbit, a fly that we used to use to great effect up at Moffat Trout Fishery, Tie in a strip of rabbit as the tail and then wind on, palmering, a rabbit strip up to the head. It’s a simple bulky fly that works very well indeed.

I could go on, with the old (it’s called this now but it was called that then)….

App’s Bloodworm, Red Diddy…

Blob, a Fat Idiot Proof Nymph

Flapper, Double Zonker

Popper Hopper, John Emerson’s Bibio, which I believe was pinched form Bob Worts?

Crippled Midge, a small Big Red

Creeper, a Zonker with rubber legs

Ugly Bugger, Montana with a long tail

Martini cats, Humungus with some long chennile

Trust me I could go on..

But I have to say that the best platform for the fly tying (naming brigade) is in the world of River Nymphs, Christ on bike! Sticking a red tag on a PTN, does not make it Paul’s PTN!!

Similarly, a Grayling Slayer is a hot-spot hare’s ear and has been used for decades!

I’ll stop now.. before I lose my mind…

Go on, name it!




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