Testing The Water

It was way back in early 2013 when I last posted… a BLOG.

Jeezo that’s a long, long time ago! So why the lay off. Well, simple really…. kids… !

Boy, oh boy do they take up your time, like you just would not believe, love them like you can’t imagine but hard work. Two things you never expect to happen to you:

Your six-year old daughter painting your nails, and doing your make up..

Having your little boy – who by the way is not so little – jump off the couch, reach an apex of around three feet and land full force, knees first, into your private parts.. oh the joys!

But they’re getting bigger now and so I can afford a little more time on other things, things like this BLOG nonsense.

The plan is, I’ll use this BLOG to get over some nonsense stuff, stuff to do with fishing, fly fishing. Oh and fly tying, the house is getting a major overhaul just now and when it’s done I’ll have my own little ‘Man Cave’, Turntables, Techno, Flytying bench and Photo studio, so I’ll share some cool patterns with you too, ones which I hope you’ll like. Trout and grayling patterns to saltwater and everything in between, flies like this little beaut, a hybrid wet fly….

I should also try and get some video, who knows it may work, also expect lots of cool photos of fishing related shizzle, like this…

When was the last time you saw a white horse eating grass on an island in the midle of a river…?

So, that’s the brief overview, if you’re interested, then follow me, canĀ  you do that with this thing, not sure I hope so…, you can also keep pace with things here:


Much Love…

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