No Beer, well very little, fishing and fly tying

I’ve not blogged for a while, I’ve been busy, so busy in fact, I’d make a worker bee ashamed of it’s lack of activity, fact!

Our baby is due any day now, the wait is killing us, but it’ll be worth it. One of the downsides to waiting for the bay to come is that I can’t really drink beer, BOOO!

If Bethan suddenly says, in a  pained voice… ” It’s coming!” I need to ensure that I’m able to jump in the car at a moments notice, so very little beer for me. Don’t feel too sad for me though, I’m lucky in that my job, means that I HAVE to go fishing.


A couple of weeks ago, my mate Glen and I finally managed to get on our ‘big fish’ river. We’d been waiting, waiting for the river to get something like a reasonable height as it had been too high since the middle of December!

We met up, and headed off. The water was still high and pushing through with only a slight tinge of colour, it would not be great but we figured if we never tried it, it may well rain again then we’d be buggerd for even longer!

I set up with my usual, braid, straight through to a five foot section of tippet of 4lb fluoro, these are big fish we are after! Three flies, bomb on the point, and two little flies, MY BUG and a Disco Shrimp were the dropper flies of choice, can’t go wrong with these two actually!

The day was a long one, we walked frickin miles and after all that rain everything was sodden.  When we were out of the water it was like walking through treacle half the time. Still we managed a few fish, but too many, bare in mind ‘big fish’ river.

At the end of the long day we must have took 12 to 14 fish between us, BUT we did both manage fish around the two pound mark, steady. Glen’s on his Soft Touch shrimp and me on the Discos.

Can’t wait to get back, next time we’ll hit it at a perfect height!

A belter of a round a couple of pound, it took a Disco Shrimp.

Hairy Wee Flees

Next on the hit list of things I’ve done recently is fly tying, lots of.

As I’m housebound at weekends, if I get five minutes, usually when my daughter becomes engrossed in a film, goes out with mum or falls asleep, then I’m on the vice like a shot. I love fly tying, good fly tying not the Blob fly tying, proper flies for proper fish.

I recently received some wonderful turkey biots from my mate Toby at Funky Flytying and couldn’t wait to give them a go.

There’s a fly wee, actually it’s HUGE use up in Scotland it’s called the FMF, I shan’t say what it means – that would be rude, but it works, and works well for big, tricky fish.

That’s why it’s so popular. There are two version, the dunn and the emerger, I love both but thought I’d have a tinker with the emerger and get to use my biots in the process.

Stevey Thornton is a pal of mine and a great tyer he is too, one of the best at rivery stuff, one of his flies that I love is the CAM Emerger, a pain to to tie but very effective. I wanted to marry his CAM up with an unsinkable Klinkhamer.

Here’s the result, it’s obviously good as I’ve had several people call me to ask me to tie them some up, what do you think?


While I was at the vice I tied the one below up for Hugh Skeoch, a pattern that was shown to me by Tor Groethe over in Norway.

Hook: Hanak 130BL, size 12

Thread: Nano silk

Tail: Coq De Leon

Body: Stripped herl

Thorax: Fox squirrel

Wings: Paired CDC

Hackle: Genetic cock, stiffer the better, make sure you cut an inverted ‘V’ from the underside, it’ll land upright on the water each time:










A BIG Surprise

Shooting a feature the other day, I had a field day, I caught so many fish I lost count, and on a very unusual method in the end, I’m calling it the reverse hang, twas carnage.

Anyway not long after starting, I caught this, big and scary eh, but even more impressive than this, was the fly I caught it on, a size 18 nymph! I can hardly believe it myself, what on earth was I doing fishing a size 18  lymph in the first place!?

Massive fish, with a tiny fly, can I get a Blue Peter Badge?

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