Skeletor Buzzers

I have been out a lot lately on Rutland Water and despite the terrible conditions and the bollocky weird colour the fish are there to be caught, and there’s lots of them and there’s plenty big stuff in amongst them too!

The last two competitions I have fished have seen me fishing with small stuff despite the dirty water and one little buzzer has been the stand out fly!

Fishing the Davey Hodgeson match the weather was good condition favourable, bright skies and mot too windy at all thank you very much!

The match is a MIDGE TIP only match, so I set up a long leader with two crazy heavy carp hook buzzers top and 2nd dropper, little biscuit on the 3rd and one of my SKELETORS on the point. This little fly accounted for six of my eight fish limit, one came to the Biscuit and one to the carp hook  buzzer. Now this might not seem to impressive, but I had caught 8 by 12:45, more astonishing was, of the 15 boats all around me the most caught by another person was three by the time I’d finished!

I gave me boat partner my cast, Bob Cooper, a real gentleman, and he promptly caught!

As we were allowed to de-barb and go on fishing, I took him a tour of the North Arm, where we caught fish from Armley, Finches, Dickos, Cardiac and the wee bay next to Barnsdale.

Jobs a good one, here’s the dressing

Hook: Standard wet size 10/ 12

Thread: Black Floss

Body: Lemon marker pen over BB

Rib: Flexi- Floss, locked in without thread

Thorax: Floss built up

Cheeks: Chartreuse biots

Thorax cover: Pearl Mylar

More BB and then Sally Hansen



Getting top billing on Rutalnd just now...

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